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Mommy & Me Yoga

For Moms and their moving babes ( 6 months to 2 years).  Spend time practicing yoga with your natural born yogi.  Poses are adaptable to all levels and energies of Moms and babies.  Enjoy a  great community of Moms and children!

Tuesday 1030-11:15AM May 6th and May 20th.Fee per class $20 for parent and tot. Minimum of 5 children required to offer class. 

   Gentle Yoga 

This class is designed to encourage students to invite yoga into their lives and begin to realize the many health benefits associated with this ancient practice. Using a variety of props and modifications as needed, we will explore the fundamentals of alignment, movement, and self awareness--woven together with breath—as we develop strength, balance, and flexibility and begin to heal and de-stress both the body and mind.  Gentle is well suited for those who are just beginning their yoga journey, for those who’ve been away and wish to refresh their knowledge, and for those who simply wish to deepen their own awareness of yoga foundations in practice.

Join Danielle Risch on Mondays 1030AM starting May 5th for 8 weeks. Program fee is $80. Minimum of 6 students registered to offer the program. Contact the studio at 505-4449 to register for either program. 






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april is drink your green smoothie challenge

There are many recipes for making green smoothies and the best advice is to individualize to your own specific taste. That being said, there are a few tips I can share to optimize the nutritional value of your smoothie.
Include at least 1 serving of dark greens such as kale, spinach, arugula, broccoli 
1/2-3/4 cup of frozen fruit (frozen will help to thicken the smoothie). 
Some form of liquid. Water, milk, non dairy substitute such as almond or coconut milk. 
Protein/healthy fat source, especially if your smoothie is replacing a meal. Plain greek yogurt, protein powder, nuts or nut butter, seeds such as chia or flax. 

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Whether you are training for a marathon, battling with weight loss or trying to improve a chronic health condition with diet and exercise, our custom nutrition program will help you to focus on bringing the right balance of calories and nutrients to meet your goals for optimal health. To meet with our dietitian Noreen Gallo, R.D. contact her at chgallo@comcast.net. or call the studio at 603-505-4449.

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